Past Weather Photos of the Week

Teewinot, the Grand, and a sliver of a Moon
September 11, 2010
Photo by Greg Olson
Clouds 9-4-10
Photo by Stacy Bodis
Windy Teton Range, Sept. 5, 2010
Photo by Jay Ryan
Teton Sunset August 28, 2010
Photo by John Hanlon
Sunrise from the Lower Saddle of the Grand Teton
Photo by Rachael Baker
Bad day to play golf!
August 9, 2010
Photo by Charlie Craighead
Wildflowers and Sleeping Indian viewed from the Northeast July 31, 2010.
Photo by Jim W.
Lightning Strike near Victor,  Idaho
Photo by Cindy Lamont July 21, 2010
Gros Ventre Sky
Photo by Erik Kimball
Rainbows over Blacktail Butte, Grand Teton National Park.
Photo by Charlie Craighead
Lightning strikes in the Tetons from Tuesday night, June 29, 2010.
Photo by Erik Kimball
Blowing snow on the Grand and Middle Teton from last Thursday evening, June 17, 2010.
Photo by Mary Kizer
Cumulonimbus Mammatus Clouds Tuesday June 15, 2010.
Photo by Rick Paul
Jackson Sunset, June 9, 2010
Photo by Steve Wilkinson
Sleeping Indian and Clouds, Jackson, WY
Photo by Greg Winston
Springtime convective clouds over the La Sal Mountains, Moab UT
Photo by Jim W.
Approaching wall of snow last week in Grand Teton National Park
Photo by Rachael Baker
Top o' the Grand
Photo by Greg Winston
Middle Teton from the West in evening light.
Photo by David MacAlpin
Tetons and valley fog.
Photo by Mark Kelleher
Wave Cloud over Teewinot last week from Cascade Canyon.
Photo by Ed Visnovske
Tetons from the West at Sunset, January 19,2010
Photo by David MacAlpin
Tetons early January 2010.
Photo by Greg Winston
Snowbow from Snow King Snowmaking.
Photo by Rose Eddy
Teton Range with some banner clouds at sunrise in early December.
Photo by Jeff Wogoman
Moonset On the shoulder of Buck Mountain.
Photo by Mike Nicklas
This current weather is good for something!
Ice Skating on Phelps Lake, Grand Teton National Park, 12-5-09
Photo by Steve Poole
Tetons and Jackson Lake November 18, 2009.
Photo by Jason Ryan
Looking across Jenny Lake on a gray day in early November 2009.
Photo by Joanne Starkey
Geese in a Rainbow over the National Elk Refuge, Jackson, WY
Photo by Lori Iverson
Grand Teton peeks through the morning fog, Oct. 6, 2009.
Photo by Rose Eddy
Forest fire at Bearpaw Bay near Jackson Lake just after sunset.
Photo by Erik Kimball 9-24-09
Cool light .......with Mt. Moran as the backdrop, on Sept 10, 2009.
Photo by Jason Ryan
Tetons from the West mid -August, with some fresh snow up high.
Photo by Greg Winston
Sunset behind Mt. Moran
Photo by Rose Eddy
Lone lightning bolt in front of the Teton Range (Aug 6, 2009).
Photo by Greg Winston
Clouds after a thunderstorm near the Upper Green River
Photo by John Patton
Lightning Strikes as seen from Signal Mountain Lodge on Jackson Lake, GTNP
Overnight July 13, 2009
Photo by Erik Kimball
Rainbow at Sunset looking east at Teton Pass from Idaho.
Photo by Mark Gocke
Rainbow at Sunset looking east from Jackson
Photo by Steve Poole
Teton Range and Arrowleaf Balsam Root
Photo by Philip Gyr
Rays of light at Sunset near Jackson
Photo by Steve Poole
Tetons viewed from the top of Table Mountain, Saturday, May 16.
Photo by Greg Winston
Tetons in the mist, viewed from the north end of the valley.
Photo by Rose Eddy
Spring Sky in the Teton Range
April 25, 2009
Photo by Greg Winston
End of another great ski season in JH
Photo by Sarah Canham
Rime on the top of Eaglecrest Ski Area, Juneau, Alaska
Photo by Mark Bartholow
Sundog on Sylvan Pass in Yellowstone Park
Photo by Rich Baerwald
Teton Sunset Feb 1st
Photo by Rose Eddy
Valley fog from the Snow King Chair
Photo by Philip Gyr
Weather moving in, early "summer" in  Patagonia
Photo by Ron Matous.... December 2008
LARGE avalanche on Buck Mountain
Photo by Toby Stegman
Lenticular cloud over the Tetons
Photo by Carl Laco
Evening light ignites the Grand Teton
Photo by Rose Eddy
Rime ice plastered on the North Face of the Grand Teton Sunday, December 7, 2008
Photo by Chris Harder
After Sunset Jackson Lake November 15, 2008
Photo by Russell Davis
Rainbow over Jackson October 20, 2008
Photo by Kathy Clay
Jackson Lake at Sunset after first snowstorm of the season, October 2008
Photo by Erik Kimball
The Teton Range at sunset
Photo by Erik Kimball
Rainbow from Teton Pass this past week.
Photo by
Steve Poole
Clouds, the Tetons, and the Snake River
Photo by Rose Eddy
Clouds near Moose, WY.
Photo by Charlie Craighead
Lightning bolts on Mt. Moran Aug. 8, 2008.
Photo by Erik Kimball
Wave Clouds on July 30, 2008.
Photo by Ron Matous
Lightning strikes July 6, 2008, as seen from
Signal Mountain Lodge
Photo by Erik Kimball
Clouds, snow showers, and a green valley last week.
Photo by Phillip Gyr
Change of Seasons.....Floating the Snake River in May, GTNP.
Photo by Steve Poole
The Grand on Saturday, May 10, 2008
from the shoulder of Peak 10,552
Photo by Jim W.
A pair of ski tracks on a bluebird day on "Shoot the Moon", Grand Teton National Park.
Photo by Ed Visnovske
Skiing powder thru "The Arch" in Granite Canyon on April 3rd, 2008.
Skier: Renny Jackson / Photo by: Jim Woodmencey
View North from the top of  Mt. Glory
Photo by Linnea Gardner
Frosty morning along the Snake River.
Photo by Rose Eddy
Mt. Owen obscured by clouds.
Photo by Mark Gocke
Rime on the summit of the Grand........  February 21st..........
Along with skiers: Dave Defazio, Bill Liberatore, and Nat Patridge
Photo by Jay McLaurin
Sunrise on Mt. Moran
Photo by Kyle Anderson
Moon over the Grand
Photo by Scott Guenther
Sunrise on Sylvan Pass,
Yellowstone National Park
Photo by Rich Baerwald
Clouds roll over the Tetons.
Photo by Mark Goeke
Jennifer Cornell disappears in the powder on Teton Pass Christmas Day.
Photo by John Coakley
Fresh snow and fresh rime on the trees, near Teton Pass.
Photo by Phil Gyr
Sunday afternoon Hockey Game on Taggart Lake, Grand Teton National Park
Photo by Steve Poole
Teton Panorama from the Gros Ventre Road
Valley Fog
Photo by Angela Rowell
Tetons in the Fall
Photo by Dave Landis
Cloud formation over valley with passing cold front.
Photo by Charlie Craighead
The view from Fremont Peak in the Wind River Range,
looking NW towards Gannet Peak in the distance.
Photo by Kirk Speckhals
Hugh Maynard takes in the view to the north from the top of Housetop Mountain.
Photo by Greg Winston (gregwinstonphoto.com)
Debris from a side canyon came across the Highway in the Snake River Canyon after a flash flood, caused by strong thunderstorms on Wednesday afternoon,
 Sept. 5, 2007
Photo by Sean Hill
Rainbow and the Tetons.  (Monday morning Aug. 13, 2007).
Photo by Roger Hayden
Smoke in the air makes for a red sunrise.
Photo by Steve Poole
Teton rain shower.
Photo by Mark Gocke
Clouds, Horses, and the
Teton Range
Photo by Mark Gocke
Thunderstorm building over the Teton Wilderness on Saturday, June 16th.
Photo by Ron Matous.
The Tetons from the Shadow Mountain Trail.
And, "Buddy" the faithful MountainWeather dog,
who passed away June 3, 2007.
Photo by Chris Harder
Morning fog and biker this past weekend on South Park Loop Road.
Photo by Mark Gocke
Great Fountain Geyser, Yellowstone National Park.
Photo by Karl Tipple
Morning ride on a spring day (May 22, 2007) at R-Lazy-S Ranch.
Photo by Neal Henderson     www.reactionphoto.com
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Photo by Phil Gyr
Sunset and banner cloud off Mt. Moran, GTNP.
Photo by Dan Tolson
Star Valley Sunset.
Photo by April Daley
Jumping into Four-Shadows, South of JHMR.
Photo by Danny Uhlmann
Chris Harder skiing on "The Throne" in British Columbia's Selkirk Mountains.
Photo by Lori Iverson
Darren Larsen skiing fresh powder  at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.
Photo by Sita McInally
Greg Collins studies his line near Teton Pass on Saturday.
Photo by Bissell Hazen
Standing wave cloud over the Grand Teton.
Photo by Mark Gocke.
Banner cloud off the Grand Teton.
Photo by Mark Gocke
Evening glow on the southern Tetons, south of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.
Photo by Dan Tolson
Town Square and Snow King Mountain at night.
Photo by Dan Tolson
Wave Cloud over over the Tetons on Sunday morning, Dec. 3rd.
Photo by Dan Tolson
Frosted Summit of the Grand.
Photo by Benny Wilson
The "Cathedral Group" view of the Tetons.
Photo by Greg Winston
Wave cloud over Jackson Hole, taken from Static Peak Divide looking northeast.
Photo by Jim Bellamy
Cold air rolls over the Tetons on Sept. 20
Photo by Ron Matous
Mt. Moran on Sept 15, 2006.
Photo by Steve Poole
Looking down and southward from the Upper Saddle of the Grand Teton at sunrise.
Photo by Mike Nicklas
Sunset behind Death Canyon
Photo by Mark Kelleher
Shadows of the Tetons cast on Shadow Mountain across the valley.
Taken from the Lower Saddle of the Grand Teton.
Smoke from the Purdy Fire in the Gros Ventre Mountains in the distance.
Photo by Stacy Bodis
Cumulus clouds building, from the summit of Teewinot Mountain.
North Face of Grand Teton to right.
Photo by Kimberly Finch
Forrest the Colt, and a double rainbow. Near Jackson, WY
Photo by Julie Martin-Stacey
Jim Creek Fire in the Wind River Range
as viewed from Triangle Peak in the Gros Ventre Mountains.
Photo by Rick Paul
Game canceled shortly after!
Sean McDonald on the mound.
Photo by Neal Henderson ReactionPhoto.com
Cumulus clouds casting a shadow on the cirrus clouds above,
near the Lost River Range, Idaho
Photo by Ron Matous
Wave cloud over the Grand Teton
Photo by Judy Springer
Isolated thundershower, looking West from the Teton Range into Idaho
Photo by Rachael Baker
Rainbow on Fall Creek Road.
Photo by Linnea Gardner
Rainbow (double) over Snow King Mountain and the Town of Jackson,
taken from the deck at Sidewinders.
Photo by Dean Woodmencey
Thundershower over Jackson Peak and Cache Creek, looking East from Jackson Hole.
Photo by Steve Poole
Sunrise from the slopes below the Northeast Snowfields on Mt. Owen,
looking eastward down Cascade Canyon.
Photo by Bissell Hazen
Grand and Mt. Owen
Photo by Greg Winston
Fire in the sky.
Photo by Dan Tolson
Looking South from the top of
Mt. Glory.
Photo by David Wilkenson,
Buck Mountain from the top of "25-Short" in Grand Teton National Park.
Photo taken January 16, 2006, by Jim Bellamy
Red sky at morning.
Photo by Dan Tolson.
Sunrise and Moonset from Kelly, WY
Photo by : Dan Thomasma
Wave clouds over Teton Range.

Photo by: Charlie Craighead

Sunrise on Mt. Moran in Grand Teton National Park.
Photo by Greg Winston.
Mt Moran from Oxbow Bend, submitted by Becky & Mark Smith
Morning rainbow in front of Rockchuck Peak, Grand Teton National Park.
Photo by Karl Tipple
Violent looking storm clouds coming over the Teton Range
(looking southwest from Moose, WY). August 10, 2005.
Photo by Ruth Gulliver.
Sunrise on Mt. Moran, reflected in Leigh Lake, Tetons 6-19-05
Photo by Steve Poole
Looking down Cache Creek at Sunrise.
Photo by Lori Kyle
Full Moon rising over Sleeping Indian (Sheep Mountain), Gros Ventre Range, WY
Photo by Steve Poole
Sunrise on Mt. Moran.
Photo by Ray McCoy
Sunset behind the Tetons.
Photo by Ray McCoy
Incredible Sun Halo & Arc photo taken by Bruce Greig.
"I was out near Teton Village and as the sun broke through the edge of the low cloud cover it created this quintuple halo effect. I looked it up and I think we’re looking at the 22 degree halo and upper tangential arc, Parry’s arc, the 46 degree halo and upper tangential arc. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Thought you’d be interested." Bruce G.
Cloud on summit of Grand
Photo by Greg Winston
October 2004
The Grand Teton and golden aspens in early October.
Photo by Greg Winston
Fall colors peaked out this week (Oct. 4) around Jackson Hole.
Photo taken near Star Valley, by Jeanie Malone
Mt. Moran, Grand Teton National Park, after the last September snowstorm.
Photo by Greg Winston
Lightning striking the Wind River Range from near Elkhart Park,
Sunday 6:00 p.m. August 22, 2004.
Teton Storm, July 20, 2004
photo by Lance Kizer
Storm brewing over Fremont Lake, near Pinedale, WY July 2, 2004
photo by Mary Osborne Kiser
Grand close-up with summit cloud.
Photo by Greg Winston
April 2004
Valley fog and inversion from atop Teton Pass
by Greg Winston
March 2004
Moon setting behind the Tetons 3/7/04
Photo by Marc Woodard